Adult Basic Trainer Course

KA01.pngOur adult basic trainer course is an introduction into the wonderful and dynamic world of martial arts fitness, personal self defense, and traditional disciplines that will ultimately give you the confidence to achieve your black belt. Since 1977 our instructors have been teaching combat tested, realistic defense tactics to military, governmental security, police, firefighters, and professional body guards as well as moms, dads, and business professionals of all ages.

The basic trainer course will introduce you to the “fun”damentals of martial arts like karate, jujitsu, and kickboxing. You will also learn the proper methods of stretching for flexibility, tone, and strength and how to use your new qualities in dynamic kicking and punching combinations that will bring a powerful finish to any would be attacker.

The reality of it is that today people are attacked and assaulted in very horrible ways. Most start with something as simple as a “grab and take” that escalates to further useless violence once the victim is controlled. DON”T BECOME THE VICTIM! 
With the right knowledge and training you will protect yourself, your spouse, and your children with the confidence and effectiveness of a combat tested veteran.
No other program offers the combination of fitness and self defense like a professional formatted and dynamically taught martial arts program. Aerobics that mimic kickboxing do not teach self defense, Weekend seminars about abduction prevention and personal protection development are not only short lived but give a false sense of security to the participants. The reality is that all the statistics reveal an increase in domestic violence, including assault and rape with the  majority ages between 16 and 24  and further showing that 71% of the victims having an intimate knowlege of who their attackers were! Obvioulsy the aerobic programs help a person to lose unwanted weight, but how truly effective are they when it comes to mental preparedness against a violent act? Personal defense is more than aerobics and for the serious adult or teen looking for the stronger or more combative side of things we are able to deliver!
So get the best of both worlds, get the physical fitness benifits of a strong kickboxing workout, the devastating and effective controlling techniques of jujitsu, and the agressive no messing around mindset of a martial artist! All these features are integral parts of our basic trainer course!

Premiere Training Programs

Once you have experienced our basic trainer programs and all the benefits a true defense fitness workout has to offer, our premiere trainer programs will help you achieve the goal that all students seek... the Black Belt! More than a status symbol, the black belt is about personal achievement and success. It is about life skills, and confident practices that give the bearer the "can-do" attitude.

Call Today for your Personal Placement Interview and enjoy an introductory class at no cost to you!